The College

Watch an introduction video about Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College:

Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College is a higher education institution that provides prospective Montessori teachers with the best possible Montessori education. It is proudly Namibian.

It is the only Montessori training institution in Namibia. It is committed to providing access and opportunity to students of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It aims to provide a positive, inclusive atmosphere and environment based on the mutual co-operation of all involved in its activities.

We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.
Dr Maria Montessori

Respect is at the heart of the Montessori philosophy and the respect that Montessori adults show the children in their care is also extended to adult learners and trainers. Consistent with these values, a model laboratory classroom is an integral part of the institution.

Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College desires to develop Montessori-based educators of the highest quality, who will serve and support the child with all sectors of the Namibian education system.

The college principal is Dr Lindsay van den Berg who has been involved in Montessori and teaching, within Namibia and Africa for 30+ years. Dr Lindsay (as known by the students) has served as owner/principal of a number of Montessori schools. She has also been involved in several Montessori organisations both in Africa and abroad. Dr Lindsay holds a BA in Education and Psychology, an MSc in Educational Psychology and a PhD in Educational Management as well as six Montessori teaching diplomas.

The College offers only two courses and that encourages the trainers to specialise and operate in accordance with comprehensive Quality Assurance policies and practices, covering all aspects of the learner engagement from enquiry and admission to graduation. We are proud of our graduates.