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The Campus Laboratory Class

Headstart Montessori Lab class was established in 2011 as a demonstration project to reflect the philosophy and teaching methods of the Montessori Teacher Education Programme at Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College. The directive of the Lab class was to serve as a venue for pre-service teachers, provide an interactive learning environment for Headstart’s current and graduate students, as well as providing an observation facility that would service the awareness of Montessori education to a broader community.

The class is led by a highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty who ensure that the practicum experience of any student teacher is both instructive and rewarding. The lab class also offers Headstart Montessori faculty members and students an opportunity to observe children on an ongoing basis, to inform their research or to explore their ideas.

A grant from the College Board provided money for the development of the Lab class.  In 2013 we constructed a new classroom block that also doubles as a lecture facility during adult and student workshops and seminars. It includes a small stage for productions! Teachers in the Lab class are qualified through our own college and also hold traditional teaching qualifications.

Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College is an academic community committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of age, race, religion, handicap, or national origin.

The Laboratory Class is owned and run as part of the College Campus.

The Headstart Lab School Mission

The mission of the Headstart Montessori Lab Class is to educate children from many cultures and diverse communities. Our responsibility is to be a demonstration lab school to reflect the philosophy and methods of the Montessori Teacher Education Programme at Headstart. It is our job to develop the whole child by observing, documenting, and assessing.

Designed for the primary aged child, our elementary programme offers your child:

  • Freedom to learn within clearly defined boundaries.
  • A well organised fully equipped environment that honours your child’s multiple intelligences
  • The opportunity to develop independent problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • A wide variety of challenging academic work in a safe and appropriate environment
  • Assistance in becoming self-directed and independent in learning together with self-discipline.
  • An understanding of world cultures and the celebration of cultural differences.

Focus Areas: Language Arts, The Sciences, History, Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Physical and cultural Geography, citizenship, International Culture, Music and Art.

There are many photos of the Lab Class in our gallery.

If you are interested in the Lab Class for your child, please contact the school administrator.