Montessori Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Pre-Primary Teaching Diploma


This course is accredited with the Namibia Qualifications Authority at Level 6.

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The purpose of this course is:

  • To provide access to a recognised ECD qualification including a Montessori bias.
  • To enable students to plan and implement a Montessori learning programme based on knowledge of child development from 2 to 6 years and work with children in a specific phase work towards achieving the learning outcomes of Grade 0 or R.
  • To improve community-based ECD services for young children by raising the level of ECD Montessori teaching competence and/or by providing opportunities for training in support and leadership roles.

The Flexi-time Learning programme can be completed within three/four years and is dependent on the time you can devote to study. The materials are given to you as 3 separate modules. They are designed to be completed sequentially. Regular face-to-face seminars, workshops and practice sessions will be held to support the practical component of the programme.

You must complete forty hours (per year) of directed observations; and attend workshops/seminars totalling a minimum of 360 hours for the entire programme (minimum of 120 contact hours per module).

From 2018, the first year of this course will be offered as an online course. This will allow you to study where-ever, and whenever, you choose. The course content will be exactly the same as the face-to-face course but the majority of the content will be delivered through an online learning platform.  You will need to physically attend an orientation session in Walvis Bay at the beginning of the year, and attend a 5 day workshop in Walvis Bay in May. To access the online content, you will need a stable internet connection as well as a computer, tablet or smartphone. To take this option, register with the College. and indicate that you would like to take the online version of the course.

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Montessori-based Primary (Elementary) Teaching Diploma


Accredited with the Namibia Qualifications Authority at Level 6.

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Completion of the Pre-Primary course is a prerequisite for students of this course.

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